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CBI Forex Brokers CBI Forex Brokers

Forex Brokers by Regulation

CBI Forex Brokers

CBI Forex Brokers

The CBI Has Issued A Circular To All CBI Regulated Brokers To Follow The Guidelines Issued By The MiFID And The ECB On The Proper Functioning Of Brokers As Well As Other Financial Entities To Ensure That The European Economy Is Not Affected By Any Financial Crimes Or Investor Abuse. The CBI Works Proactively With Its Member Firms On The Following Aspects Of Regulations:

CBI Regulated Brokers Should Be Highly Transparent In Its Pricing Structure, And Should Not Interfere With The Markets That Will Directly Or Indirectly Result In Unfavorable Conditions For The Traders.

Oanda CBI Forex Broker


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Interactive Brokers CBI Forex Broker

Interactive Brokers

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